Time Inc

TIME, Fortune and Redesign


Time Inc, worldwide mass media corporation and owner of over 100 magazine brands was suffering declining readership and ad revenue. Our task was to determine why and how to fix it. So we asked ourselves, how might we inspire people to keep reading one of the most acclaimed publication in the history of mankind? The answer: speak with readers.


  • Increase avg page per session
  • Increase avg video views per session
  • Increase avg time spent on galleries


  • User Interviews
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Competitive Audit
  • Information Architecture
  • UX/UI Design
  • Prototypes
  • Usability Studies

  • Goals

    How might we reduce the amount of ad placements while still maintaining or increasing our revenue. How might we get someone to view 1 more page than they are currently viewing? How might we get someone to spend more time consuming galleries and videos?

    The style feels old and antiquated. Not to mention the page is littered with Ads. I literally can’t even read one line without being distracted by an ad somewhere on the page. The experience is infuriating.



    The challenge was to build a design architecture and language system that could effectively cut costs, achieve economies of scale and drive growth through an improved user experience. The ask was to build a one size fits all design for TIME, Fortune and, while addressing the UX concerns and business goals of their respective websites.

    Reduce Clutter

    Users complained that the site was too cluttered with ads.


    Users complained that the style of the site felt old & antiquated.


    Users complained that the site was difficult to navigate due to the complex navigation structure.



    Research & Strategy

    Our team embeds alongside yours to help define the strategic vision, conduct research and learn how to drive business value while building products users love.


    Design Sprints

    We run a 5 day concept driven Design Sprint that uses Design Thinking in cross-functional teams to design, prototype, and test solutions with users.


    Detailed Design Sprint

    We create design language systems to scale and work through complex user journeys to ensure all scenarios are accounted for tested prior to launch.


    By reducing the amount of clutter on the Article page we gave the user more opportunity to find other articles that might interest them. The minimalist approach to the page design felt more modern to users. For galleries we introduced the concept of a modal and vertical scroll which enabled users to easily navigate from 1 to 100 images solving an issue users had with horizontal galleries.

    • Reduced Clutter: We did so by limiting ad placements to high-value positions only.

    • Style: The minimalistic approach gave users a feeling of modernity. We stripped back the color palette, opened up areas for white space, utilized the grid to organize content and removed ads that were distracting users.

    • Improved Usability: The changes to the galleries, vidoes and article pages which increased our avg. pages per session, avg video views per session and avg time spent on galleries.