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Read More seeks to empower women entrepreneurs by providing the tools, resources and knowledge to inspire their dreams and help them make them a reality. In partnership with Academy, the team developed a powerful website and social media campaign that got over 1.4 MM women to take action in fighting this harmful stigma surrounding Ambition in a women and inspiring them to #EmbraceAmbition.

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The Problem. In 2017, the #EmbraceAmbition website and social media campaign invited women to “Take the Pledge” and create a photo with powerful adjectives representing them. Facing low sign ups, engagement and participation among it’s community, TBF engaged Academy to help. Users and Stakeholders spoke and we listened: “Our site doesn’t represent our campaign”, “The content wasn’t engaging or useful”, “We want this to be a more global thing and have a bigger impact”, “When you take the pledge and enter your info, nobody knows about it”. Though the campaign message was strong, adoption was low. TBF had a story to tell and we wanted to help them tell it.

The Process. We set out to build on top of the #EmbraceAmbition campaign with a viral social media campaign, which would engage, motivate, and inspire users to keep the campaign alive. We took insight from the first campaign and listened to users, and crafted an engaging social campaign for 2018. By conducting user studies, running design sprints. working collaboratively, the product team and development team we were able to build a prototype that tests extremely well with users.

The Solution. After launching in May of 2018 the the campaign garnered over 1.4 MM Global Actions. The campaign centered around the idea of sharing a postcard that included an image and story behind the woman in your life that has inspired you to #EmbraceAmbition. With a fresh website, postcard creation tool, combined with a powerful Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn campaign TBF and Academy proudly shared in the success as we rang the bell at the NASDAQ and ushered in a new era in empowering women to #EmbraceAmbition.

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