Dream Projects



Dream Projects primary mission is to help designers build better portfolios in order to help land them a job. So we asked ourselves, how might we create platform that helps deliver on that promise?


  • Reach 500 new sign-ups pre-launch
  • Place 1 candidate in a job
  • Get 1 sponsor to pay for our services
  • Tasks

  • User Interviews
  • Stakeholder Interviews
  • Customer Journey Maps
  • Competitive Audit
  • Business Model Validation
  • UX/UI Design
  • Prototypes
  • Usability Studies

  • Goals

    Validate the business model to ensure profitability. Build a design community that people value and share with their friends. Get people hired and make the companies hiring process easier and better.

    “If you asked a lot of recruiters, they'll be like, I go on LinkedIn, and I look to see who's working at RGA, or who was working at Huge, but I think that's not going to yield the best results, I think trying to start with the work is is the way to go."



    Young designers don’t have enough work in their books to land a job and companies have a hard time evaluating them without one. This typically leads to multiple rounds of interviews and ends in a project that the candidate needs to complete. Further candidates have a tough time putting together a great portfolio because they lack inspiration for projects to work on and haven’t been trained on how to present their work.


    How might we enable hirers to evaluate a candidate other than looking at a resume?

    Skill Building

How might we teach people to build an amazing portfolio?


    How might we demonstrate enough value to hirers and candidates to get them to pay?



    Research & Strategy

    Our team embeds alongside yours to help define the strategic vision, conduct research and learn how to drive business value while building products users love.


    Design Sprints

    We run a 5 day concept driven Design Sprint that uses Design Thinking in cross-functional teams to design, prototype, and test solutions with users.


    Detailed Design Sprint

    We create design language systems to scale and work through complex user journeys to ensure all scenarios are accounted for tested prior to launch.


    Dream Projects’ is a free monthly challenge that gives designers the inspiration they need to build the portfolio they deserve. They can reimagine digital experiences for the brands they have always dreamed of working on; gain recognition, learn new skills—even win interviews at top companies—all while creating a portfolio that blows employers away.

    • Evaluation: Hirers responded favorably to the new model noting that it was a fresh approach and worked particularly well for entry level.

    • Skill Building: Candidates responded favorably to the project briefs and free resources. They noted that regardless of the prize they felt tremendous value from the platform.

    • Monetization: While the initial Beta test was free, several monetization models became apparent during the testing process. Candidates responded favorably to being charged to receive feedback and Hirers responded favorably to a 20% fee structure. Further exploration is needed.